Internet shop development

Internet shop development for WordPress

The most popular website management and administration tool. We have experience in modifying and improving WordPress

web shop development for Opencart

Easy to administer and fast. There are a lot of ready-made design templates available.

Webshop development for Joomla

very popular and reliable page management tool.

Developing an online store on the Codeigner base

We have experience in developing small and large projects. On this basis we have developed our CMS

Webshop development on Lavarel PHP bases

We have developed a car advertising portal on this base.

  • Prices

    Developing a home page requires additional information:

    • Domain name registration- 15 Eur/year
    • Hosting – from 15 Eur
    • Unique text creation – from 5 Eur to 1000 characters
    • Translation – starting from 4 Eur for 1000 characters
  • FAQ

    How much does an online store cost?

    The cost is from 1500 Euros. Plus even if the invoices with the extra cost described above are higher.

    What is design?

    We offer you 3 ready-made designs that fit your theme. When choosing one, we modify it.

    How long does website development take?

    If all the information is delivered without a hitch, the development time is around one month.